What is Sxstrace.exe

DLL sxstrace.exe is an SXS tracking application for Microsoft Windows oeprating systems. It is associated with slue.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe,  pcalua.exe,  dxgkrnl.sys and msvcr90.dll.

Sxstrace.exe was firstly published on 9:14 AM, July 14th, 2009 with the version number 6.1.7600.16385 and size 26.5 KB. It is used to launch startup components for system and programs.

Sxstrace.exe can be easily infected by virus and spyware, for example:


Sxstrace.exe virus can be used to send private financial information to the remote servers. To protect your PC, you should ensure that your computer is virus free.

When there is problem with Sxstrace.exe, you can use DLL Suite to fix and repair it.

DLL Suite allows you to download Sxstrace.exe for free to repair and remove Sxstrace.exe virus to make your computer faster.

 How to use DLL Suite to free download Sxstrace.exe?

Method 1:

1. Download DLL Suite, install and launch the program.

2. Click Download DLL – Free menu and click scan button to start.

3. Select sxstrace.exe and click More Info after the scan.

4. Download Sxstrace.exe from the open web page.

Note: If there is no error in sxstrace.exe, you can’t use this method as it is designed to detect missing, corrupted, deleted and removed sxstrace.exe on your computer.

Now you need to use method 2.

Method 2:

1. Download DLL Suite, install and launch the program.

2. Click DLLPEDIA, type sxstrace.exe, select your operating system and click Search to start.

3. Download it from the search results.

After that, please copy sxstrace.exe and save it to C:\Windows\System32 and then take the steps below to install / register it.

4 steps to register sxstrace.exe:

1. Click Windows Start, click Run

2. Type cmd, press Enter

3. Type regsvr32 sxstrace.exe, press Enter

4. Restart your computer to apply the changes

Note: If sxstrace.exe error still exists after registration, you will need to fix and repair its associated DLL files.

To start, please take the following steps:

1. Download DLL Suite, install and launch the program.

2. Click Dashboard menu and scan your computer.

3. Click Fix DLL Errors after the scan.

Screenshot of DLL Suite: